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Extended abstracts of the papers presented at the 2010 International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology will be included in both a printed Technical Digest and an Electronic (CD) Technical Digest. This kit will assist you in the preparation of your presentation and extended abstract and consists of:


  1. Use the author’s style guide and compare your paper to the sample paper to ensure your extended abstract is properly formatted. Extended abstracts will be printed on 8˝”×11” paper (US letter format), please set your page format accordingly. Your cooperation will help in maintaining high quality and uniformity in the final printed copies of the Technical Digest.
  2. Fill out the Copyright Transfer form and FAX it to the Conference Secretary Margaret Doyle at +1-618-397-9872.
  3. An electronic copy of the final edited version of your extended abstract is required for the preparation of both the printed and CD versions of the extended abstract. Please e-mail this to your session chair at his or her e-mail address and to the Technical Program Committee Chair at Please send it in both Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and Microsoft WORD (.doc) formats, if possible, but at least in WORD format.

Use the above checklist to ensure everything is complete and on schedule. You have about five weeks from New Year’s Day until all items must be in the hands of the MANTECH Conference.


The Technical Digest of the Conference will be printed from the files sent by the authors, on 8 ˝ x 11 inch (US letter) paper. Your cooperation in following the guidelines below will help in maintaining high quality and uniformity in the final printed copies of the Technical Digest.

    1. Your paper must be written in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.

    2. Manuscripts should be formatted in US letter size (8 ˝ by 11 inch). Please use the US letter format when creating the files.

    3. Manuscripts should be single-spaced, with a double space between paragraphs and a five-space paragraph indentation. Allow an extra half space above a line containing superscripts and below a line containing subscripts.

    4. The paper should include:

        author’s name(s), affiliation, present address, email address and phone number
        key words
        an introduction
        a conclusion section
        an acknowledgement section
        a reference section
        acronym list

    5. References should be indicated in the text by a number in square brackets. References should be numbered in the order cited in the manuscript.

    6. Diagrams and photographs must be of high quality and be electronically inserted in the manuscript. Diagrams and lettering must be computer-designed.

    7. At the end of your paper provide a list of acronyms used in the text. Separate the acronym from the explanation by a colon and two spaces as shown below:

      HBT: Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

      TDMA: Time Division Multiple Access

    8. Do not number the pages.

    9. For details about formatting your manuscript correctly, see Extended Abstract Formatting Instructions.

The Digest is distributed in 2 forms – a printed, black & white digest and a full-color digest on CD. Unlike previous years, we ask that illustrations, drawings, photos, plots, etc. be submitted in high-resolution, full color.

All pictures and figures (line drawings, graphs, charts, etc.) must be positioned at the desired locations within the extended abstract by the author.

The digest on CD will be reproduced from the extended abstracts exactly as submitted. For the printed digest, the images will be electronically converted from color to gray-scale prior to printing.

If your illustrations are prepared in color, please examine a gray-scale print of your finished extended abstract before submitting.  Some details may be indistinct or completely invisible, depending on the original color.  These should be corrected before the file is sent.

Low contrast photographs (such as TEMs and some SEMs) often do not reproduce clearly.  Try to enhance their contrast before submitting the extended abstract.


Extended Abstract Due by February 09, 2010

Note: Late extended abstracts CANNOT be accepted due to printing deadlines

Submit your extended abstract (maximum 4 pages) by e-mail as two attachments: one in .pdf (Adobe), and the second in .doc format (Word 97 or higher) to

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