2009 Technical Sessions


Tuesday Sessions
Sessions 1 - 4

Wednesday Sessions
Sessions 5 - 9
Thursday Sessions
Sessions 11 - 15

Tuesday May 19th 

SESSION 1: PLENARY I (Florida Ballroom)

Chair:  Steve Mahon, TriQuint Semiconductor

8:30 AM     Invited Presentation

                   1.1 The Impact of the Current Financial Crisis on the Compound Semiconductor Industry

                   Earl Lum,
EJL Wireless Research LLC

 9:00 AM     Invited Presentation

                   1.2 The DARPA Wide Band Gap Semiconductor for RF Applications (WBGS-RF) Program:  Phase II Results

                   Mark. Rosker et al ,
Defence Advanced Research Project Agency,

9:30 AM     Invited Presentation

                   1.3 Opportunities for Development of a Mature Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Industry

                   Sarah Kurtz,
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

SESSION 2: PLENARY II  (Florida Ballroom)

Chair:  Steve Mahon, TriQuint Semiconductor

10:30 AM  Invited Presentation

                  2.1 GaN Power Switching Devices for Automotive Applications

                     Tsutomu Uesugi and Tetsu Kachi
Toyota Central R&D Laboratories, Japan

 11:00 AM Invited Presentation

                  2.2 High Efficiency Base Station Amplifier Architectures Utilizing LDMOS and GaN High Power Transistors

                    Bill Vassilakis, et al, 
Powerwave Technologies Inc 

 11:30 AM Invited Presentation

2.3 Challenges as an Independent GaAs Foundry  – A Manufacturing Perspective

                  Chin-chi  Chang,
WIN Semiconductor

SESSION 3: Solar CElLs  (Florida Salon 1-4)

Chair: Noran Pan, MicroLink Devices 

1:30 PM     Invited Presentation

                  3.1 Thin Film CdTe Module Manufacturing

                  Walter A.  Wohlmuth,
First Solar Inc.

 2:00 PM    Invited Presentation

                  3.2 Concentrating Solar Energy- Technologies and Markets Overview

                  Raed Sherif,
eSolar Inc.

2:30 PM     3.3 Triple-Junction Solar Cells (TJ-SC) – Support from MOCVD for Competitiveness through Improved Material Quality and Cost Reduction

      B. Schineller  et al,
Aixtron AG 

2:50 PM     Invited Presentation

                  3.4 Status of Multijunction Solar Cells and Future Development

                  Tatsuya Takamoto,
New Technology Development Center, SHARP Corp.


Chairs: Paul Werbaneth, Tegal Corp.  & Mike Sun, Skyworks Solutions 

1:30 PM     4.1 High Frequency Wafer Level Reliability Test Bench with Variable Load Impedance    

                   P. Abele, et al
United Monolithic Semiconductors

1.50 PM     Student Presentation

                 4.2 Lifetime Estimation of Intrinsic Silicon Nitride MIM Capacitors in a GaN MMIC Process

                   Sefa Demirtas, et al
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  

2:10PM      4.3 PECVD Silicon Nitride Film Property and Pre-deposition Surface Treatment Effects on MIMCAP Reliability for InGaP/GaAs HBT Applications

                   Tong Wang,
Anadigics Inc. 

2:30PM      4.4 Investigating the ESD Robustness of RF Circuits and Elements by Transmission Line Pulsing

                   Heinrich Wolf  et al,  

2.50 PM     4.5 RF Test Gage R&R Improvement

                   James Oerth and Mike Downs,
Skyworks Solutions 

Wednesday May 20th  (back to top)

SESSION 5: GaN DEVICES (Florida Salon 1-4)

Chairs: Andy Souzis, II-VI Corp. & Robert Sadler, Nitronex Corp.

9:00 AM     5.1 Influence of SiC Substrate Misorientation on AlGaN/GaN HEMTs Performance

                                 K. Matsushita, et al
Toshiba Corp. 

9:20 AM     5.2 Process Benchmarking of SiC Backside Via Manufacturing for GaN HEMT technology

                     H. Stieglauer, et al 
United Monolithic Semiconductors

9:40 AM     5.3 Very Low Sheet Resistance AlN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors        

      C.Y. Chang, et al
University of Florida,

10:00 AM   Student Presentation

                5.4 A  Biosensor Based on a GaN Field Effect Transistor

     Siddharth Alur, et al,
Department of Physics, Auburn University

10:20 AM   Student Presentation

                5.5 Wide Bandgap GaN Smart Power Chip Technology

                     King-Yuen Wong, et al, 
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Chairs: Russ Westerman, Oerlikon & Thorsten Saeger, TriQuint Semiconductor

9:00 AM     6.1 Processing Methods for Low Ohmic Contact Resistance in AlN/GaN MOSHEMTs

     K. Chabak et al
Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,.

9:20 AM     Student Presentation

                   6.2 A Cu Metalized Power InGaP/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor with Pd/Ge/Cu Alloyed  Ohmic Contact

                   S. P. Wang et al,
National Chiao-Tung University.

9:40 AM     6.3 Copper Interconnect on GaAs pHEMT by Evaporation Process

     Kezia Cheng,
Skyworks Solutions

10:00 AM   6.4 TiWN Thin Film Resistor Process Control

                    J.W.Crites and M.J.Drinkwine,
Cobham Roanoke

10:20 AM   6.5 Process Development of GaAs Based RF MEMS Switch

    P. Suryanarayana  et al

SESSION 7: PROCESS/ETCH (Florida Salon 1-4)

Chairs: Michelle Bourke, Surface Technology Systems  & Scott Sheppard, Cree Inc.

1:00 PM     7.1 SiC Backside Via-hole Process For GaN HEMT MMICs Using High Etch Rate ICP Etching 

     Naoya Okamoto et al,
Fujitsu Limited

1:20 PM     7.2 High-Volume 0.25 µm AlGaAs/InGaAs E/D pHEMT Process Utilizing Optical Lithography

                    Corey A. Nevers et al.
TriQuint Semiconductor

1:40 PM     7.3 SiC Substrate Via Etch Process Optimization

                    Ju-Ai Ruan, et al,
TriQuint Semiconductor

2:00 PM     7.4 Influence of Dielectric Plasma Etch Source for PHEMT Device Performance

                    F.S. Pool, et al,
TriQuint Semiconductor

2:20 PM     Student Presentation

                   7.5 Fabrication Process and 110GHz Measurement Result of MS-to-CPW RF-Via Transition for RF-MEMS Devices Packaging Applications         

                    Li-Han Hsu  et al,
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

SESSION 10: FAB MANAGEMENT (Florida Salon 5-6)

Chair: Alex Smith, Brewer Science

3:00 PM     Invited Presentation

                   10.1 Maintaining a Green Fab through the Strategic Use of an Environmental Management System

     Ernest Diaz and Troy Schulze,
Skyworks Solutions Inc.

3:30 PM     10.2 Characterization of Arsenic-Rich Waste Slurries Generated During Gallium Arsenide Wafer Lapping and Polishing

                        Keith W. Torrance et al
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

3:50 PM     10.3 Improving Organizational Performance through Goal Deployment

                    Andy Hunt and James Oerth,
Skyworks Solutions Inc.

4:10 PM     10.4 Web Based Business Intelligence for Semiconductor Manufacturing    

                    Leo Sennott and Jorge Willemsen,
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

4:30 PM     10.5 Cycle Time and Cost Reduction Benefits of an Automated Bonder and Debonder System for a High Volume 150 mm GaAs HBT Back-end Process Flow

                    Dave Kharas and  Nagul Sooriar,
Anadigics Inc.


Chair: Peter Ersland, Cobham

1:00 PM     8.1 Accurate Channel Temperature Measurement in GaN-based HEMT Devices and its Impact on Accelerated Lifetime Predictive Models          

     B. Claflin et al,
Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, AFRL/RXPS, Wright-Patterson AFB,

1:20 PM     Student Presentation

                   8.2 Field Dependent Self-Heating Effects in High-Power AlGaN/GaN HEMTs       

                    M. Hosch et al
Ulm University, Institute of Electron Devices and Circuits

1:40 PM     Student Presentation

                   8.3 Determination of Junction Temperature of GaN-based Light Emitting Diodes by Electroluminescence and Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

     Yaqi Wang et al,
Department of Physics, Auburn University

2:00 PM     Student Presentation

                   8.4 Temperature Diagnosis of Bulk GaN-based Schottky Diode by Raman Spectroscopy  

     Hui Xu  et al
Department of Physics, Auburn University

2:20 PM     8.5 Thermal and Piezoelectric Stress in Operating AlGaN/GaN HFET Devices and Effect of the Fe Doping in the GaN  Buffer Layer

     A. Sarua et al
H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol


Chairs: John Blevins AFRL/RXPS & Ruediger Schreiner Aixtron AG

3:00 PM     Student Presentation

                   9.1 Bulk Growth of GaN by HVPE

     H.Ashraf  et al
University Nijmegen,

3:20 PM     9.2 Orientation Control of Bulk GaN Substrates Grown via Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy

     P.R. Daniels et al
Kyma Technologies Inc.


                   9.3 High Thermal Conductivity of Low Dislocation Density GaN

Haojun Luo et al

4:00 PM     9.4 PVD Growth of AlN Nucleation Layers for GaN-based LED Structures: A Cheaper, Brighter Alternative

                        D. Hanser et al ,
Kyma Technologies, Inc.

Thursday May 21st  (back to top)

SESSION 11: MANUFACTURING (Florida Salon 1-4)

Chair: Andreas Eisenbach, IQE Europe

 8:00 AM     11.1 In-Situ Monitoring of HBT Epi Wafer Production: The Continuing Push Towards Perfect Quality and Yields

                   E. M. Rehder et al
Kopin Corp.

8:20 AM     11.2 HBT Epitaxy Material Matching and Qualification for High Volume Production

                   Mike Sun, et al
Skyworks Solutions Inc. 

8:40 AM     11.3 Dramatic Reduction of Surface Defects and Particles on PHEMT Epi-Wafers Grown by MOVPE for Higher Yield of Transistors

                        Hiroyuki Kamogawa et al   
Hitachi Cable Ltd.


9:00 AM     11.4  PHEMT Switch Yield Improvement through Feedback From 100% Die Test

                   M. C. Tu, et al,
WIN Semiconductors Corp.


Chair: Tom Low, Agilent Technologies

9:40 AM     Invited Presentation

                12.1 Advanced GaAs MMICs Fabrication Process with PIN Diodes for ESD Protection    

    Kaoru Miyakoshi, et al 
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd. 

10:10 AM   12.2 Monolithically Integrated GaInP/GaAs High Voltage HBTs and Fast Power Schottky Diodes for Switch-Mode Amplifiers

                   P. Kurpa, et al
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) 

10:30 AM   Invited Presentation

                   12.3 Device Technology Based on New III-N Heterostructures

                   Masaaki Kuzuhara
University of Fukui.

11:00 AM   12.4  0.15 Micron Optical Gate 6” pHEMT Technology by using I-line stepper

    Cheng-Guan Yuan  et al
WIN Semiconductors Corp.

11:20 AM   12.5 Recessed JPHEMT Technology for Low Distortion and Low Insertion Loss Switch

    Shinichi Tamari et al
Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation


Chair: Victoria Williams, TriQuint Semiconductor

1:00 PM     13.1 Six-Sigma Methodologies Support Back-End Yield and Quality Metrics Improvement

                   Tom Hand et al
Skyworks Solutions Inc.

1:20 PM     13.2 Self-aligned Field-Plate PHEMT for 5.8 GHz Operation

    K. Moore et al
Freescale Semiconductor

1:40 PM     13.3 Effects of Ohmic Metal on Electrochemical Etching of GaAs in pHEMT Manufacturing

                   Kezia Cheng,
Skyworks Solutions Inc.

2:00 PM     13.4 Optimization of Bi-layer Lift-Off Resist Process

    Jeremy Golden, et al 
MicroChem Corp.


Chair: Shyh-Chiang Shen, Georgia Tech University

1:00 PM     Invited Presentation

                14.1 Manufacture of Sb-Based Type II Strained Layer Superlattice Focal Plane Arrays

                       Meimei Tidrow et al

1:30 PM     14.2 Low Threshold Current Density InAs Quantum Dash Lasers on InP Using Double Cap Technique

    D. Zhou et al

1:50 PM     14.3 Monolithically Integrated III-V and Si CMOS Devices on Silicon on Lattice Engineered Substrates (SOLES)

                   J.R. LaRoche et al, 
Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems,

2;10 PM     14.4 Technology for Dense Heterogeneous Integration of InP HBTs and CMOS

    Y. Royter et al,
HRL Laboratories LLC


Chairs: Suzanne Combe, TriQuint Semiconductor  & Mike Clausen, PETEC

2:30 PM-    15.1 Semiconductor Industry - RCRA Air Emission Equipment Leak Standards"

4.00PM          Sara Burson and Danny Kringel, 

                   15.2 Paradigm Shift in Compound Semiconductor Production since the Introduction of Laser Dicing    

                   Rene Hendriks, et al
Advanced Laser Separation International (ALSI)

                   15.3 Use of FMEA Methodology in Evaluation of Process Transfer of Ohmic Liftoff from Low Pressure Solvent to High Pressure NMP Liftoff         

                   J.W.Crites and S.W.Kittinger,
Cobham Roanoke

                   15.4 150 nm InP HBT Process with Two-Level Airbridge Interconnects and MIM Capacitors for Sub-Millimeter Wave Research       

                   William Snodgrass et al
University of Illinois.

                   15.5 The Effect of Chemical Treatment and Storage Time on the Surface Chemistry of Semi-Insulating Gallium Arsenide

                   Thomas Mirandi  and Douglas J. Carlson
Wafer World





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