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The International Conference on
Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

"Sharing Ideas Throughout the Industry"
 1999 On-line Digest Table of Contents
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03 Comparison of Metamorphic InGaAs/InAlAs HEMT's on GaAs with InP based LM HEMT's ABSTRACT PDF
06 Process Monitoring for Nitride Dielectric Defect Density ABSTRACT PDF
08 Optimized Planning and Operation of High Volume GaAs Epi-Wafer Manufacturing Facility ABSTRACT PDF
11 InP HBT Production Technology for 100 Gbps Lightwave Communications ABSTRACT PDF
12 The Reactive Ion Etching of Au on GaAs Substrates in a High Density Plasma Etch Reactor ABSTRACT PDF
13 Wax Mounting, Backlapping and Chemo-Mechanical Polishing of 150mm (6 Inch) GaAs Wafers. ABSTRACT PDF
15 Alternate Backside Thinning of GaAs-Based Devices ABSTRACT PDF
16 0.1 µm InGaAs/InAlAs/InP HEMT Production Process for High Performance and High Volume MMW Applications ABSTRACT PDF
17 In0.5Ga0.5P Etch-Stop Process for PHEMT Manufacturing ABSTRACT PDF
18 Accelerated Lifetests for High-Speed 0.5-µm InGaAs PHEMT Switches ABSTRACT PDF
19 Characterizing Fabrication Process Induced Effects in Deep Submicron PHEMT's Using Spectrally Resolved Light Emission Imaging ABSTRACT PDF
22 A Two Step Polyimide Etchback for Integration of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors and Resonant Tunneling Diodes ABSTRACT PDF
25 Suppression of Anomalous Electrochemical Etching by Reducing Dissolved Oxygen in Deionized Water for HEMT Process ABSTRACT PDF
26 Electrochemical Etching in the Fabrication of Short Gate-Length InAlAs/InGaAs Heterojunction FETs ABSTRACT PDF
27 Hydrogen-related Issues in GaAs Schottky Contacts ABSTRACT PDF
28 Material and Processing Technology for Manufacturing of High Speed, High Reliability GaInP/GaAs HBT based IC's ABSTRACT PDF
29 Effects of Selective Gate Recess Etching on the Static and Microwave Properties of InGaP/InGaAs PHEMTs ABSTRACT PDF
31 MBE Production of HEMT Material for Commercial Applications ABSTRACT PDF
32 economic Justification of a 6" GaAs Wafer Fab ABSTRACT PDF
33 Process Simulation and Fabrication of Power Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors ABSTRACT PDF
37 Manufacturable In0.8Ga0.2P/In0.53Ga0.47As/InP Doped-channel HFETs with fT and fmax over 170 GHz ABSTRACT PDF
40 Very high Performance and Reliable 60GHz GaAs PHEMT MMIC Technology ABSTRACT PDF
41 The Effects of Feedback Capacitance on Thermally Shunted Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor's Linearity ABSTRACT PDF
42 HBT vs. PHEMT vs. MESFET: What's best and why ABSTRACT PDF
44 A Product Engineering Exercise in 6-Sigma Manufacturability: Redesign of a PHEMT Wide-Band LNA ABSTRACT PDF
45 Testing Radiation damage in III-V Transistors ABSTRACT PDF
46 Heterostructure Device Wafer Manufacturing for Telecom Applications for 4" and 6" Wafer Fabs ABSTRACT PDF
47 Effects of Ballast Resistors on Power and ESD Performance in AlGaAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors ABSTRACT PDF
48 The Future Potential ABSTRACT PDF
51 An Efficient On-Wafer Production Test System for MMW Power MMICs with Diagnostic Flag Capability ABSTRACT PDF
53 Packaging of Ultra-Thin Film GaAs Devices for Increased Thermal Efficiency and High Density MCM's ABSTRACT PDF
54 Solution to the E-beam Gate Resist Blistering Problem of 0.15 micron PHEMTs ABSTRACT PDF
55 Dry Etching Process in InP Gunn Device Technology Utilizing Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) ABSTRACT PDF
56 Key Considerations and New Advances in High Volume Production for Millimeter-wave MMICs ABSTRACT PDF
57 Transfer and Qualification of a Layout-Compatible Second Source HBT Technology for Mobile Phone Applications ABSTRACT PDF
58 Model Development for Image Reversal Resist Lithography ABSTRACT PDF
59 GaAs MESFET, HEMT and HBT Competition with Advanced Si RF Technologies ABSTRACT PDF
60 The Siemens 150mm GaAs Production Facility ABSTRACT PDF
61 Deflection Mapping is Useful for its Ability to Identify Distortion-prone GaAs Wafers ABSTRACT PDF
63 Gate Metallization Study for InGaP/InGaAs/GaAs pHEMTs ABSTRACT PDF
64 Practical Approaches to Remediation of Hydrogen Poisoning in GaAs Devices ABSTRACT PDF
65 Characterization and Control of Epitaxial Material for HBT Manufacturing ABSTRACT PDF
66 Properties of 6-inch Semi-insulating GaAs Substrates Manufactured by Vertical Boat Method ABSTRACT PDF
67 A Study on PtGeAu Thin Ohmic Contact for GaAs PHEMT ABSTRACT PDF
71 Progress in SiC Materials and Microwave Devices ABSTRACT PDF
72 Status and Application of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies ABSTRACT PDF
73 Improved Manufacturability Methods for a High Volume, PHEMT Based, Ku-Band Power Module for VSAT Applications. ABSTRACT PDF
74 A GaAs Fab's Approach to Design for Manufacturability ABSTRACT PDF
75 Manufacturable AlGaAs/GaAs HBT Implant Isolation Process Using Doubly Charged Helium ABSTRACT PDF
76 GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Emitter Design ABSTRACT PDF
77 A Design of Experiments Approach to BCB Etch Uniformity Improvements ABSTRACT PDF
78 Preparing Polished Cross Sections Of III-V Devices For The SEM ABSTRACT PDF
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