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The International Conference on
Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

"Sharing Ideas Throughout the Industry"

 2001 On-line Digest Table of Contents
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1_1 Trends in Microsystems for Information Technologies Abstract
1_2 Applications of Compound Semiconductors in High Data Rate Optic Fiber Communications Abstract
1_3 Capacity Issues in the Material Supply Chain Abstract
1_4 RF Power GaAs for Wireless Infrastructure Markets Abstract
10A_1 Challenges in Rapidly Scaling up Back-side Processing of GaAs Wafers Abstract
10A_2 Simple Method for Calculating Backside Via Inductance Abstract
10A_3 Backside Mounting Procedures for Semiconductor Wafer Processing Abstract
10A_4 Reversible and Permanent Wafer Bonding for GaAs Processing Abstract
10a_5 Film growth characterization of pulse electrodeposited Au/Sn thin films Abstract
10b_1 InGaP Makes HBT Reliability a Non-Issue Abstract
10b_2 A Correlation Between Beta Degradation at Room Temperature versus Beta Degradation at Stress Temperature for Determining the Reliability of HBTs Abstract
10b_3 Identification of Humidity Related Failure Mechanisms in GaAs Based HBT's Abstract
10b_4 On The Influence Of Implant Isolation And Base Contact Abnormalities On The Performance And Reliability Of InGaP/GaAs HBTs Abstract
10B_5 Biased, Backside Failure Analysis Techniques for Small Plastic Packages Abstract
11_1 Progress in GaAs-Based Metamorphic Technology Abstract
11_3 High Performance Metamorphic HEMT with 0.25 µm Refractory Metal Gate on 4" GaAs Substrate Abstract
11_4 Orientation Dependent Characteristics of Recessed-Gate InGaAs/AlGaAs HEMTs Abstract
12_1 Reduction of Average Cycle Time at a Wafer Fabrication Facility Abstract
12_2 The Development of a Custom, Paperless Shop Floor Control System for Efficient Manufacturing Abstract
12_3 Systematics and Key Performance Indicators to Control a GaAs Volume Production Abstract
12_4 "Overall Resource Effectiveness" the Key for Cycle Time Reduction & Capacity Improvements Abstract
2_1 Thermal Management and Modeling of GaAs-based HBTs Abstract
2_2 Development and Characterization of GaInP/GaAs HBTs for High Voltage Operation Abstract
2_3 Incorporation of an Alloy-Though Passivating-Ledge Process into a Fully Self-Aligned InGaP/GaAs HBT Process Abstract
2_4 Pathway for HBT Turn-on Voltage Reduction on a GaAs Platform Abstract
3_1 Cost-Effective Yield Enhancement in 6" Gallium Arsenide Wafer Manufacturing Abstract
3_2 150mm Through Substrate Interconnect Conversion One Year Later Abstract
3_3 MOVPE-Grown Enhancement Mode HIGFET on 150mm GaAs Abstract

Dicing Improvements: Yield Enhancement, Throughput Increase and Die Size Reduction in M/A-COM's GaAs Fab

5_1 Mass Production of Large-Size GaAs Wafers at FREIBERGER Abstract
5_2 Large Diameter M-HEMT & InP-HEMT Epiwafers Grown in Multicharge MOVPE Reactors Abstract
5_3 Manufacturing 6" GaAs substrates by the VB method Abstract
5_4 Recycling Processed GaAs Wafers Abstract
6_1 Integrated Opto-electronics Abstract
6_2 Promise and Progress of GaAs MEMS and MOEMS Abstract
6_3 Development Of Broadband Low-Voltage RF MEM Switches Abstract
6_4 Germanium Devices: Hybrid Integration and Substrate Removal Abstract
6_5 GaAs PHEMT and InP HEMT MMIC Requirements for Satellite Based Communications Systems Abstract
7_2 Process Modelling and Simulation for GaAs P-HEMT Gate Improvement and Control Abstract

Revitalization of Single Layer Lift-off For Finer Resolution and Challenging Topography

7_4 Optical Lithographic Performance and Resolution Using Strong Dark-Field Phase-Shifting of Discrete Patterns Abstract

A Very High Performance, High Yield, and High Throughput Millimeter Wave Power pHEMT Process Technology

8_1 A Mixed GaAs Modulator and HEMT MMIC Process Line On 150mm Wafers Abstract
8_2 High-Reliability Deep Submicron GaAs Pseudomorphic HEMT MMIC Amplifiers Abstract
8_3 Process Optimization for RF Performance of Ion-Implanted E/D MESFETs Abstract
8_4 Material Design and Qualification on Power InGaP HBTs for 2.4 GHz Transmitter Application Abstract
8_5 A Single Threshold Double Recessed pHEMT Process for economical Fabrication of High Performance Power Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers at X-Band Abstract
8_6 N-Minus Resistance Control for 6" GaAs MESFET Manufacturing Abstract
8_7 Double distributed GaAs P-HEMT ICs for 40 Gbit/s high output voltage driver modules Abstract
8_8 Innovative Metal Lift-off Process Using Dry Carbon Dioxide Abstract
8_9 Development of a High Voltage mmW GaAs PIN Diode Switch Abstract
9A_1 Low Frequency and Microwave Noise Characteristics of GaN and GaAs-based HFETs Abstract
9A_2 Power GaN-based Microwave Devices for Wireless Communications Abstract
9A_3 Correlation of materials characteristics with microwave device performance in AlGaN high electron mobility transistors Abstract
9A_4 Optimizing Light Emission from Nitride Quantum Wells Abstract
9B_1 Heavily Doped InP-based HBTs for New Wireless and Fiber-optic Telecommunication Applications Abstract
9B_2 InP HBT Production Process Abstract
9B_2 High Density Plasma Etch Processes for the Manufacture of Optoelectronic Devices based on InP Abstract
9B_4 InP Processing Using an HBr High Density ICP Plasma Abstract



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