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Booths that are not shaded are still available..

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Arrows show expected people flow from conference sessions in Pacific Ballroom into the Exhibits areas.  Heavier arrows indicate more flow.


1=x 2=MicroChem Corp 3=Cree 4=Cree 5=Engis 6=Emcore Corporation 7=Insaco, Inc. 8=BMR Technology Corporation 9=Compound Semiconductor Magazine 10=MBE Technology Pte.Ltd. 11=TecHarmonic 12=x 13=x 14=Wafer World Inc. 15=ST Systems 16=GE Advanced Materials 17=Freiberger Compound Materials 18=MAX International 19=x 20=x 21=Johnson Matthey 22=Intelliepi 23=Centrotherm GmbH + Co. KG 24=Accent Optical Technologies 25=II-VI Incorporated, Wide Bandgap Materials Group 26=Hitachi Cable 27=TECHNOS International 28=PicoGiga 29=LayTec 30=x 31=Aviza Technology Inc. 32=Reedholm Instruments 33=Unaxis Wafer Processing 34=AXT 35=Tegal Corporation 36=Veeco Instruments 37=Leica Microsystems Lithography GmbH. 38=SAES Pure Gas 39=TDI Inc., 40=Kopin 41=SAMCO International, Inc. 42=Gold Canyon Resources Inc. 43=KLA Tencor 44=AXITRON AG 45=NeosemiTech 46=Diamond Wire Technology 47=Spectrum Process Equipment 48=SYNOVA S.A 49=BOC Edwards 50=Visual Photonics Epitaxy Company 51=Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. 52=Vacuum Engineering & Materials, Inc. 53=Evans Analytical Group 54=Brewer Science 55=EpiWorks 56=NOVASiC 57=AROTEC/Nikko Materials 58=Riber 59=Corning Tropel Corporation 60=Sumika 61=SVT Associates, Inc. 62=Lehighton Electronics, Inc. 63=III-V's Review 64=Optical Reference Systems, Ltd. 65=CompoundSemi Online, Inc. 66=Disco Hi-Tec America 67=Doe & Ingalls of NC. 68=IQE, Inc. 69=Rubicon Technology, Inc. 70=Sumitomo Electric Semiconductor Materials Inc. 71=x 72=x 73=x


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