2009 Workshops

Chair: David Via, Air Force Research Laboratory

MONDAY,May 18, 2009

8:45 AM




Moving from Reliability to Manufacturability

Bill Roesch
TriQuint Semiconductor

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Failure Analysis Fault Localization

Kevin Berger
Analytical Solutions, Inc.

11:45 AM


12:45 PM

Transmission Electron Microscopy Based Failure Analysis

Mike Salmon
Evans Analytical Group



1:45 PM

Electrical, Thermal and Environmental Reliability of Transistors:  Experimental Techniques to Identify Fundamental Degradation Mechanisms

Professor Jesus del Alamo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2:45 PM


3:00 PM

Fully Coupled Process and Device Simulation for Understanding Reliability

Professor Mark Law, University of Florida

4:00 PM

Modern Thermography for Semiconductor Technology for Reliability Testing: Channel Temperature and Stresses/Strains in Devices

Professor Martin Kuball, University of Bristol

5:00 PM

End of Program



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